About BERT

BERT, recently developed and open-sourced by Google, is a neural network that can understand the context of a word in relation to words occurring both before and after it. This capability translates to substantially better Natural Language Understanding.

While BERT can be used in various tasks such as Sentiment Analysis and Named Entity Recognition, its most important use is in Google’s search algorithm, where it is used to better understand search intent.

How ContentAced uses BERT

ContentAced brings the power of BERT’s language understanding abilities to content optimization. The first step is to analyze the top-ranking sites in Google search. However, unlike most other content optimization tools, ContentAced uses BERT to rank terms based on their semantic relevance to the underlying content, and therefore to the user’s search intent.

We also use BERT to create Term Groups, which place terms related to the same sub-topic or concept into the same group. This allows you to immediately identify opportunities to improve your content in breadth and depth.

3 significant benefits of ContentAced's approach

Every term suggested is semantically relevant to the user’s search and improves the chances that your content will rank better in Google search

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Term Groups, enable you to transform your content to be comprehensive and well-organized

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You no longer need to use exact terms a specified number of times rigidly. You can use any terms as long as it fits the context.

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All of this means that your content can now be truly unique and at the same time very useful to the end user.


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