ContentAced is THE ONLY tool that understands ideas and concepts in your content.

With ContentAced, writing top-ranking content is no longer a painful chore. We free you to write in your own unique style, ensure topic completeness, and help you address search intent better than any other product out there!

Step 1 : Topic Research

Become an expert on any topic before you start writing content. Review ideas, concepts and named entities that are relevant to what you want to write about, in addition to useful information collected from top-ranking sites such as titles, headings and descriptions.

Get a head start with our Content Brief with built-in title and outline generators. Find out which questions you should be answering to better address your users’ search intent.

Cut down your research time from hours to minutes. Use our SERP Insights to see what top ranking sites are doing right.
ContentAced : Topic Research results

Step 2 : Write and optimize as you go

Use our full-featured content editor to get real-time feedback on your content coverage using TopicSense.

As you type, TopicSense extracts the ideas and concepts in your content and compares them to our recommendations, updating your grade and giving you feedback every step of the way towards topic completeness.

We’ll also help ensure your content is free of toxicity, easy to understand by your audience, and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
ContentAced : Content Editor
Our grader will let you know when you are done. Unlike other tools, we do not grade you based on the exact terms used or the number of times they are used. Our TopicSense can find the ideas and concepts in your content, freeing you from having to stuff in keywords and phrases a prescribed number of times.

Step 3 : Audit and stay fresh

Use our URL analysis as a handy way of monitoring content that you have already published. Quickly pull in the latest SERP results to compare your content with, and stay ahead of the competition by acting on specific suggestions from ContentAced.

Our grader will let you know if you need to update your content. Use the grader to identify content that needs improvement and know exactly when you are done.

Capitalize on missed opportunities, fine-tune specific topics until you nail that perfect content.
ContentAced : Ongoing URL Analysis


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