About TopicSense

Our TopicSense technology has its foundations in Google's BERT and other Natural Language Processing models, and has been fine-tuned specifically for semantic search of ideas and concepts across extremely large document sets.

With TopicSense, we can determine when two phrases boil down to or relate to the same broader idea or concept, as opposed to simply looking for direct keyword matches. This allows us to easily compare your content with top ranking content in more detailed ways, and tell you exactly what you need to do to establish topic authority.

How ContentAced uses TopicSense

We use TopicSense to analyze top-ranking sites for key ideas, concepts and entities and then apply a ranking algorithm based on semantic relevance to the underlying content to help you understand what to focus on in your content. TopicSense is also used to figure out which questions top-ranking sites answer. These pieces of information together help us clearly direct you towards addressing user search intent.

3 significant benefits that only ContentAced offers

  • Every term suggested is semantically relevant to the user’s search and improves the chances that your content will rank better in Google search
  • Our term groups enable you to focus on underlying concepts and ideas and transform your content to be comprehensive and well-organized, and achieve topic completeness.
  • You no longer need to use exact terms a specified number of times rigidly. You can use any terms in any form as long as it fits the context, and matches with your writing style.

All of this means that your content can now be truly unique and at the same time very useful to the end user.


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