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Accelerate your content expertise with our Topic Expert

Never miss out on what your audience wants, use the power of AI to achieve topic completeness. Even before you start writing, you can quickly gain a head start through our Topic Expert module, which analyzes the top ranking sites in Google’s search engine for your target keyword, minimizing the guess work on your part.
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Supercharge your existing content to perform better

Use our Content Optimizer to compare your content against the top ranking sites, and get instant feedback on what you have missed, areas you have optimized, and terms that you should review further. Capitalize on missed opportunities, fine-tune specific topics until you nail that perfect content.
ContentAced : Content Optimizer

Use our real-time Grader to stay ahead of the curve

Our built-in grading tool assigns your content a grade based on how well you address the user’s search intent. Use the grader to identify content that needs improvement and know exactly when you are done.
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