Topic Research

If you are just starting to research a topic you need to write about, our ‘TopicExpert’ feature will help slash your research time from hours to seconds. Simply enter the keyword of interest, create your report and sit back!

ContentAced will analyze the top Google search results and generate a list of clearly organized semantically related ‘term groups’, as seen below.

ContentAced : Topic Research results

This view gives you instant insight into the important concepts and ideas that you should include in your content. Semantically related terms are grouped together and this helps you quickly understand what aspects to hit in your content while covering a specific topic.

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Google Entity Analysis

ContentAced : Content Brief

Our interactive Entity Graphs empower you to interactively view Google Entities, understand their relative importance and semantic relationships, as well as identify ways to incorporate them into your content.

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Content Brief

ContentAced : Content Brief

Our Content Brief allows you to quickly create a template to use as a guide for writing your content or sharing it with your content writers.

Title Generator

Use our title generator to quickly generate a title and get started.

ContentAced : Title Generation

Outline Generator

Use our powerful outline generator to get talking points for your article.

ContentAced : Outline Generation

Questions Generator

Use our unique question generator to get questions based on what the top ranking content is trying to answer.

ContentAced : Questions Generation

These serve as great guides to writing your own original content. As long as you answer these in your content, you know that you are fulfilling the user’s search intent.

Important Terms and Concepts : We list out all the important terms and concepts found in the top ranking sites. We recommend including these or a variation of these.

SERP info : A handy list of the top sites used in the analysis with their titles and descriptions.

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Content Optimization

Use your existing site's URL or enter your content to quickly see opportunities for optimizing your content.

ContentAced : Content Optimizer

Each of the important terms is shown with a specific color which gives you immediate feedback on whether you missed the concept completely, have used it well, or need a further review.

To use the tool, start with the terms in red and then work your way until you nail that A grade – that’s when you know you have truly improved your content to the point where you are ahead of the competition.

Content Editor

Use our full-featured editor to write all your content. In addition to the standard formatting features it also has the following.

Real-time updates

Your content is continuously compared with the top important terms and the terms are updated as you type. Watch your term turn from red to green as you type so you know you've covered it.

If you accidently delete an important term from your content, it will automatically change to red to indicate that.

The grade also updates in real time so you know when you are good to go.

All your content is auto saved every few minutes

Grammar and Spell check

Use our in-built grammar and spelling tool to ensure that your content is free of errors.

Readability Level

Rates your content from 5th grade reading level all the way to professional, so you can be sure that your content is at the right level for your audience.

Toxicity Checker

A handy tool to check your content for any toxicity.

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Managing your content

ContentAced allow you to safely store and retrieve your work. Our intuitive Reports section makes it easy to store, find and retrieve your work anytime you need.

ContentAced : Reports


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