General Questions
  • I don't have any content yet, can I still use this tool?


    Yes, you absolutely can!

    Create a Topic Research report with your keyword. ContentAced will show you the list of all important ideas and concepts related to the keyword you entered. We will also show you various SERP Insights based on the top ranking content. You can also use our Content Brief feature to generate titles, outlines and questions on which to base your content. We believe this will help you get a head start and develop expertise on the topic you want to write about.

  • I have very little content, will this tool still be useful?


    Of course!

    The TopicSense is extremely helpful in allowing you to rapidly gain expertise in understanding what type of content ranks highly in relation to your target keywords. Use this even if you have no or little content to start with.

    As you type and add in content, watch the analysis and the grade change to reflect what you've included.

  • How do I use this tool for my existing content?


    You can simply enter your site URL when creating a report. We will read your content from the URL and give you optimization tips.

  • What is TopicSense?


    It is our proprietary technology. To learn more What is TopicSense?

  • What languages do you support?


    We currently support English.

    However, if there is a particular language of interest to you, please send us an email at

  • What countries do you support?


    We get ranking data for all countries that Google supports. While running any report, you can use the location field to set it to your location of choice.

  • How do I upgrade from the free plan?


    Click on your name in our profile section or click on Billing to go to your billing page. You can choose Upgrade Plan to upgrade to any of our paid plans.

Payment Questions
  • What payment methods can I use?


    We accept Credit Cards, PayPal and all payment options available through our payment provider Paddle

  • Where can I find my invoice/receipt?


    You will receive a receipt via email as soon as you purchase. You can also view this and any older invoices/receipts in your ContentAced account. These are available in the profile section under payments.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?


    Log into your ContentAced account and go to the profile and then payments section and click on Cancel Plan. If you'd like us to cancel this for you, just send us an email at

  • Do you collect Sales Tax/VAT/GST?


    Yes our payment provider Paddle collects taxes based on your location. Please enter the location based on the card/account you are using for payment. Please check their Tax Help documentation on this. In many cases, if you enter a valid VAT/GST ID, the additional tax is not collected by them.

Other Questions
  • Is there a trial?


    Use our free plan to try out the product. There is no trial for the paid plans.

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