3 simple steps to get your existing content to rank higher

The fastest way to get your existing content to rank higher and drive more traffic is to use a content optimization tool.

A good content optimization tool will quickly analyze the content of top-ranking sites and provide you with a list of terms to include in your content. Use it to make sure that your content covers all aspects of a topic and satisfies the user’s search intent.

Step 1 : Plug in the target keyword and your content and see the analysis

ContentAced will scrape the content of the top-ranking sites and will compare it against your content. It will provide you with a list of ideas and concepts that you may have missed. It will also show you ideas and concepts that you have covered even if you haven't covered them using the exact matching terms.

ContentAced : URL Analysis

ContentAced also provides you with a grade for your existing content.

You can see all related terms neatly grouped so that while you are writing about a sub-topic, you can easily cover all ideas without having to go back and forth like most other tools.

You can hover over each term to get information on how it is used by a top ranking site.

Step 2 : Update your existing content and make sure you get a grade A

You can use our full-featured real-time content editor to edit your content and include all the terms you have missed.

ContentAced : Content Editor

You will know exactly when to stop optimizing when you get a grade A.

Our grading looks at semantic relationships between the terms, and therefore, you do not have to focus on trying to stuff in keywords in order to rank. You don't have to use any of the keywords exactly or a certain number of times.

Step 3: Publish your content

Publish your content and then sit back and watch. That’s it!


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